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Verse 8. For he that soweth to his flesh. That makes provision for the indulgence of fleshly appetites and passions. See Barnes "Ga 5:19"; and Ga 5:20-21. He who makes use of his property to give indulgence to licentiousness, intemperance, and vanity.

Shall of the flesh. From the flesh, or as that which indulgence in fleshly appetites properly produces. Punishment, under the Divine government, is commonly in the line of offences. The punishment of licentiousness and intemperance in this life is commonly loathsome and offensive disease; and, when long indulged, the sensualist becomes haggard, and bloated, and corrupted, and sinks into the grave. Such, also, is often the punishment of luxurious living, of a pampered appetite, of gluttony, as well as of intemperate drinking. But if the punishment does not follow in this life, it will be sure to overtake the sensualist in the world to come. There he shall reap ruin final and everlasting.


(1.) By disease.

(2.) In the grave—the home to which the sensualist rapidly travels.

(3.) In the world of woe. There all shall be corrupt. His virtue, even the semblance of virtue, shall all be gone. His understanding, will, fancy—his whole soul—shall be debased and corrupt. No virtue will linger and live on the plains of ruin, but all shah be depravity and woe. Everything in hell is debased and. corrupt; and the whole harvest of sensuality, in this world and the world to come, is degradation and defilement.

But he that soweth to the Spirit. He who follows the leading and cultivates the affections which the Holy Spirit would produce. See Barnes "Ga 5:22,23.


Shall of the Spirit. As the result of following the leading of the Spirit.

Reap life everlasting. See Barnes "Ro 2:7".


{b} "soweth to the flesh" Job 4:8; Pr 22:8; Hos 8:7

{+} "corruption" "destruction" {c} "to the Spirit" Pr 11:18; Jas 3:18

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