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Verse 14. And my temptations. My trial; the thing which was to me a trial and calamity. The meaning is, that he was afflicted with various calamities and infirmities, but that this did not hinder their receiving him as an angel from heaven. There is, however, a considerable variety in the Mss. on this verse. Many Mss., instead of "my temptation" read "your temptation;" and Mill maintains that this is the true reading. Griesbach hesitates between the two. But it is not very important to determine which is the true reading. If it should be "your," then it means that they were tempted by his infirmities to reject him; and so it amounts to about the same thing. The general sense is, that he had some bodily infirmity; perhaps some periodically returning disease, that was a great trial to him, which they bore with, with great patience and affection. What that was he has not informed us, and conjecture is vain.

But received me as an angel of God. With the utmost respect, as if I had been an angel sent from God.

Even as Christ Jesus. As you would have done the Redeemer himself. Learn hence,

(1.) that the Lord Jesus is superior to an angel of God.

(2.) That the highest proof of attachment to a minister is to receive him as the Saviour would be received.

(3.) It showed their attachment to the Lord Jesus, that they received his apostle as they would have received the Saviour himself. Comp. Mt 10:40.

{b} "an angel of God" 2 Sa 19:27; Mal 2:7 {c} "Christ Jesus" Mt 10:40

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