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Verse 31. The God and Father, etc. Paul was accustomed to make solemn appeals to God for the truth of what he said, especially when it was likely to be called in question. See 2 Co 11:10. Comp. Ro 9:1. The solemn appeal which he here makes to God is made in view of what he had just said of his sufferings, not of what follows—for there was nothing in the occurrence at Damascus that demanded so solemn an appeal to God. The reason of this asseveration is, probably, that the transactions to which he had referred were known to but few, and perhaps not all of them to even his best friends; that his trials and calamities had been so numerous and extraordinary that his enemies would say that they were improbable, and that all this had been the mere fruit of exaggeration; and as he had no witnesses to appeal to for the truth of what he said, he makes a solemn appeal to the ever-blessed God. This appeal is made with great reverence. It is not rash, or bold, and is by no means irreverent or profane, he appeals to God as the Father of the Redeemer whom he so much. venerated and loved, and as himself blessed for evermore. If all appeals to: God were made on as important occasions as this, and with the same profound veneration and reverence, such appeals would never be improper, and we should never be shocked, as we are often now, when men appeal to God. This passage proves that an appeal to God on great occasions is not improper; it proves also that it should be done with profound veneration.

{b} "God and Father" Ga 1:3 {c} "which is blessed" Ro 9:5 {d} "that I lie not" 1 Th 2:5

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