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Verse 4. Great is my boldness of speech toward you. This verse seems designed to soften the apparent harshness of what he had said, (2 Co 6:12,) when he intimated that there was a want of love in them towards him, (Bloomfield,) as well as to refer to the plainness which he had used all along in his letters to them. He says, therefore, that he speaks freely; he speaks as a friend; he speaks with the utmost openness and frankness; he conceals nothing from them. tie speaks freely of their faults, and he speaks freely of his love to them; and he as frankly commends them and praises them. It is the open, undisguised language of a friend, when he throws open his whole soul and conceals nothing.

Great is my glorying of you. I have great occasion to commend and praise you, and I do it freely. He refers here to the fact that he had boasted of their liberality in regard to the proposed collection for the poor saints of Judea, 2 Co 9:4; that he had formerly boasted much of them to Titus, and of their readiness to obey his commands, 2 Co 7:14; and that now he had had abundant evidence, by what he had heard from Titus, (2 Co 7:5, seq.,) that they were disposed to yield to his commands, and obey his injunctions. He had probably often had occasion to boast of their favourable regard for him.

I am filled with comfort. That is, by the evidence which I have received of your readiness to obey me.

I am exceeding joyful. I am overjoyed. The word here used occurs nowhere else in the New Testament, except in Ro 5:20. It is not found in the classic writers; and is a word which Paul evidently compounded, (from uper and perisseuw,) and means to superabound over, to superabound greatly or exceedingly. It is a word which would be used only when the heart was full, and when it would be difficult to find words to express its conceptions. Paul's heart was full of joy; and he pours forth his feelings in the most fervid and glowing language. I have joy which cannot be expressed.

In all our tribulation. See Barnes "2 Co 1:4".


{c} "is my glorying" 1 Co 1:4 {d} "joyful in all our tribulations" Php 2:17; Col 1:24

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