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Verse 13. Watch ye. The exhortation in, this and the following verse is given evidently in view of the peculiar dangers and temptations which surrounded them. The word here used (grhgoreite) means, to keep awake, to be vigilant, etc.; and this may, perhaps, be a military metaphor derived from the duty of those who are stationed as sentinels to guard a camp, or to observe the motions of an enemy. The term is frequently used in the New Testament, and the duty frequently enjoined, Mt 24:41,42; 25:13; Mr 13:35; Lu 21:36; Ac 20:31; 1 Th 5:6; 2 Ti 4:5.

The sense here is, that they were to watch, or be vigilant, against all the evils of which he had admonished them—the evils of dissension, of erroneous doctrines, of disorder, of false teachers, etc. They were to watch lest their souls should be ruined, and their salvation endangered; lest the enemies of the truth and of holiness should steal silently upon them, and surprise them. They were to watch with the same vigilance that is required of a sentinel who guards a camp, lest an enemy should come suddenly upon them, and surprise the camp when the army was locked in sleep.

Stand fast in the faith. Be firm in holding and defending the truths of the gospel. Do not yield to any foe, but maintain the truth, and adhere to your confidence in God and to the doctrines of the gospel with unwavering constancy. See Barnes "1 Co 15:1".

Be firm in maintaining what you believe to be true, and in holding on to your personal confidence in God, notwithstanding all the arts, insinuations, and teachings of seducers and the friends of false doctrine.

Quit you like men. andrizesye, (from anhr, a man.) The word occurs nowhere else in the New Testament. In the Seventy it occurs in Jos 1:6,7,9,18; 1 Ch 28:20; 2 Ch 32:7; Neh 2:1; and in eighteen other places. See Trommius' Concordance. It occurs also in the classic authors. See Xen. Oec. v. 4. It means, to render one manly or brave; to show one's self a man; that is, not to be a coward, or timid, or alarmed at enemies, but to be bold and brave. We have a similar phrase in common use: "Be a man," or "Show yourself a man;" that is, be not mean, or be not cowardly.

Be strong. Be firm, fixed, steadfast. Comp. Eph 6:10, "Be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might."

{a} "Watch ye" 1 Pe 5:8 {b} "stand fast" 2 Th 2:15 {c} "like men" 1 Co 14:20 {d} "be strong" Eph 6:10

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