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Verse 27. If any of them that believe not. That are not Christians; that are still heathens.

Bid you to a feast. Evidently not a feast in the temple of an idol, but at his own house. If he ask you to partake of his hospitality.

And ye be disposed to go. Greek, "And you will to go." It is evidently implied here that it would be not improper to go. The Saviour accepted such invitations to dine with the Pharisees, (See Barnes "Lu 11:37";) and Christianity is not designed to abolish the courtesies of social life; or to break the bonds of intercourse; or to make men misanthropes or hermits. It allows and cultivates, under proper Christian restraints, the intercourse in society which will promote the comfort of men, and especially that which may extend the usefulness of Christians. It does not require, therefore, that we should withdraw from social life, or regard as improper the courtesies of society. See Barnes "1 Co 5:10".


Whatsoever is set before you, etc. Whether it has been offered in sacrifice or not; for so the connexion requires us to understand it.

Eat. This should be interpreted strictly. The apostle says "eat," not "drink;" and the principle will not authorize us to drink whatever is set before us, asking no questions for conscience sake; for while it was a matter of indifference in regard to eating, whether the meat had been sacrificed to idols or not, it is not a matter of indifference whether a man may drink intoxicating liquor. That is a point on which the conscience should have much to do; and on which its honest decisions, and the will of the Lord, should be faithfully and honestly regarded.

{*} "bid" "ask" {c} "is set" Lu 10:7

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