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Verse 14. Wherefore. In view of the dangers and temptations that beset you; in view of your own feebleness, and the perils to which you would be exposed in the idol temples, etc.

Flee from idolatry. Escape from the service of idols; from the feasts celebrated in honour of them; from the temples where they are worshipped. This was one of the dangers to which they were peculiarly exposed; and Paul therefore exhorts them to escape from everything that would have a tendency to lead them into this sin. He had told them, indeed, that God was faithful; and yet he did not expect God would keep them without any effort of their own. He therefore exhorts them to flee from all approaches to it, and from all the customs which would have a tendency to lead them into idolatrous practices. He returns, therefore, in this verse, to the particular subject discussed in chapter 8—the propriety of partaking of the feasts in honour of idols; and shows the danger which would follow such a practice. That danger he sets forth in view of the admonitions contained in this chapter, from 1 Co 10:1-12. The remainder of the chapter is occupied with a discussion of the question stated in 1 Co 8, whether it was right for them to partake of the meat which was used in the feasts of idolaters.

{c} "beloved" 1 Jo 5:21

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