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Verse 11. For other foundation. It is implied, by the course of the argument here, that this was the foundation which had been laid at Corinth, and on which the church there had been reared. And it is affirmed that no other foundation can be laid. A foundation is that on which a building is reared: the foundation of a church is the doctrine on which it is established; that is, the doctrines which its members hold—those truths which lie at the basis of their hopes, and by embracing which they have been converted to God.

Can no man lay. That is, there is no other true foundation.

Which is Jesus Christ. Christ is often called the foundation; the stone; the corner stone on which the church is reared, Isa 28:16; Mt 21:42; Ac 4:11; Eph 2:20; 2 Ti 2:19; 1 Pe 2:6.

The meaning is, that no true church can be reared which does not embrace and hold the true doctrines respecting him—those which pertain to his incarnation, his Divine nature, his instructions, his example, his atonement, his resurrection, and his ascension. The reason why no true church can be established without embracing the truth as it is in Christ, is, that it is by him only that men can be saved; and where this doctrine is wanting, all is wanting that enters into the essential idea of a church. The fundamental doctrines of the Christian religion must be embraced, or a church cannot exist; and where those doctrines axe denied, no association of men can be recognised as a church of God. Nor can the foundation be modified or shaped so as to suit the wishes of men. It must be laid as it is in the Scriptures; and the superstructure must be reared on that alone.

{c} "that is laid" Isa 28:16; Mt 16:18; Eph 2:20; 2 Ti 2:19

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