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Verse 7. So that. God has so abundantly endowed you with his favours.

Ye come behind. ustereisyai. You are not wanting, or deficient. The word is usually applied to destitution, want, or poverty; and the declaration here is synonymous with what he had said, 1 Co 1:5, that they abounded in everything.

In no gift. In no favour, or gracious endowment. The word used here carisma does not refer necessarily to extraordinary and miraculous endowments, but includes also all the kindnesses of God towards them in producing peace of mind, constancy, humility, etc. And the apostle meant evidently to say that they possessed, in rich abundance, all those endowments which were bestowed on Christians.

Waiting for. Expecting, or looking for this coming with glad and anxious desire. This was, certainly, one of the endowments to which he referred; to wit, that they had grace given them earnestly to desire, and to wait for the second appearing of the Lord Jesus. An earnest wish to see him, and a confident expectation and a firm belief that he will return, is an evidence of a high state of piety. It demands strong faith, and it will do much to elevate the feelings above the world, and to keep the mind in a state of peace.

The coming, etc. Greek, the revelation—thn apokaluqin—the manifestation of the Son of God. That is, waiting for his return to judge the world, and for his approbation Of his people in that day. The earnest expectation of the Lord Jesus became one of the marks of early Christian piety. This return was promised by the Saviour to his anxious disciples, when he was about to leave them, Joh 14:3. The promise was renewed when he ascended to heaven, Ac 1:11. It became the settled hope and expectation of Christians that he would return, Tit 2:13; 2 Pe 3:12; Heb 9:28.

And with the earnest prayer that he would quickly come, John closes the volume of inspiration, Re 22:20.

{++} "behind" "are inferior" {c} "waiting" Tit 2:13; 2 Pe 3:12 {1} "for the coming" "revelation" {&} "coming" "Earnestly expecting the manifestation"

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