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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 27 - Verse 23

Verse 23. There stood by me. There appeared to me.

The angel of God. The message of God were often communicated by angels. See Heb 1:14. This does not mean that there was any particular angel, but simply an angel.

Whose I am. Of the God to whom I belong. This is an expression of Paul's entire devotedness to him.

Whom I serve. In the gospel. To whom and to whose cause I am entirely devoted.

{d} "this night the angel" Ac 22:11 {e} "angel of God" Heb 1:14 {f} "whom I serve" De 32:9; Ps 135:4; Isa 44:5; Mal 3:17; Joh 17:9,10


1 Co 6:20; 1 Pe 2:9,10



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