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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 27 - Verse 43

Verse 43. But the centurion, willing to save Paul. He had at first been disposed to treat Paul with kindness, Ac 27:3. And his conduct on board the ship; the wisdom of his advice, Ac 27:10; the prudence of his conduct in the agitation and danger of the tempest; and not improbably the belief that he was under the Divine protection and blessing, disposed him to spare his life.

Kept them from their purpose. Thus, for the sake of this one righteous man, the lives of all were spared. The instance here shows,

(1.) that it is possible for a pious man, like Paul, so to conduct in the various trying scenes of life—the agitations, difficulties, and temptations of this world—as to conciliate the favour of the men of this world; and,

(2.) that important benefits often result to sinners from the righteous. Paul's being on board was the means of saving the lives of many prisoners; and God often confers important blessings on the wicked for the sake of the pious relatives, friends, and neighbours with whom they are connected. Ten righteous men would have saved Sodom, Ge 18:32; and Christians are in more ways than one the salt of the earth, and light of the world, Mt 5:13,14. It is a privilege to be related to the friends of God—to be the children of pious parents, or to be connected with pious partners in life. It is a privilege to be connected with the friends of God in business, or to dwell near them, or to be associated with them in the various walks and dangers of life. The streams of blessings which flow to fertilize their lands, flow also to bless others; the dews of heaven which descend on their habitations, descend on all around; and the God which crowns them with loving-kindness, often fills the abodes of their neighbours and friends with the blessings of peace and salvation.

And commanded. Probably they were released from their chains.

{e} "save Paul" 2 Co 11:25

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