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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 27 - Verse 1




Verse 1. And when it was determined. By Festus, Ac 25:12 and when the time was come when it was convenient to send him.

That we should sail. The use of the term "we" here shows that the author of this book, Luke, was with Paul. He had been the companion of Paul; and though he had not been accused, yet it was resolved that he should still accompany him. Whether he went at his own expense, or whether he was sent at the expense of the Roman government, does not appear. There is a difference of reading here in the ancient versions. The Syriac reads it, "And thus Festus determined that he [Paul] should be sent to Caesar in Italy," etc. The Latin Vulgate and the Arabic also read "he" instead of "we." But the Greek manuscripts are uniform; and the correct reading is, doubtless, that which is in our version.

Into Italy. The country still bearing the same name, of which Rome was the capital.

And certain other prisoners. Who were probably also sent to Rome for a trial before the emperor. Dr. Lardner has proved that it was common to send prisoners from Judea and other provinces to Rome. Credibility, Part i., chap. x., & 10, pp. 248, 249.

A centurion. A commander of a hundred men.

Of Augustus' band. For the meaning of the word "band," See Barnes "Mt 27:27, See Barnes "Ac 10:1".

It was a division in the Roman army, consisting of from four to six hundred men. It was called "Augustus' band" in honour of the Roman emperor Augustus, See Barnes "Ac 25:21, and was probably distinguished in some way for the care in enlisting or selecting them. The Augustus cohort or band is mentioned by Suetonius in his Life of Nero, 20.

{b} "Paul" Ac 25:12,25 {*} "certain" "some"

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