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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 26 - Verse 10

Verse 10. Which thing I also did, etc. Ac 8:3.

And many of the saints, etc. Many Christians, Ac 8:3.

And when they were put to death. In the history of those transactions there is no account of any Christian being put to death, except Stephen, Ac 7. But there is no improbability in supposing that the same thing which had happened to Stephen, had occurred in other cases. Stephen was the first martyr; and as he was a prominent man, his case is particularly recorded.

I gave my voice. Paul was not a member of the sanhedrim, and this does not mean that he voted, but simply that he joined in the persecution; he approved it; he assented to the putting of the saints to death. Comp. Ac 22:20. The Syriac renders it, "I joined with those who condemned them." It is evident also that Paul instigated them in this persecution, and urged them on to deeds of blood and cruelty.

{b} "did in Jerusalem" Ac 8:3; Ga 1:13 {c} "authority" Ac 9:14 {++} "my voice" "vote"

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