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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 23 - Verse 24

Verse 24. And provide them beasts. One for Paul, and one for each of his attendants. The word translated beasts—kthnh of a general character, and may be applied either to horses, to camels, or to asses. The latter were most commonly employed in Judea.

Unto Felix the governor. The governor of Judea. His place of residence was Caesarea, about sixty miles from Jerusalem. See Barnes "Ac 8:40".

His name was Antonius Felix, and was a freedman of Antonia, the mother of the emperor Claudius. He was high in the favour of Claudius, and was made by him governor of Judea. Josephus calls him Claudius Felix. He had married three wives in succession that were of royal families, one of whom was Drusilla, afterwards mentioned in Ac 23:24, who was sister to king Agrippa. Tacitus (Hist. v. 9) says, that he governed with all the authority of a king, and the baseness and insolence of a slave. "He was an unrighteous governor, a base, mercenary, and bad man." (Clarke.) See his character further described See Barnes "Ac 24:25".

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