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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 23 - Verse 11

Verse 11. The Lord stood by him. Evidently the Lord Jesus. See Barnes "Ac 1:24".

Comp. Ac 22:18. The appearance of the Lord in this case was a proof that he approved the course which Paul had taken before the sanhedrim.

Be of good cheer. It would not be remarkable if Paul, by these constant persecutions, should be somewhat dejected in mind. The issue of the whole matter was as yet doubtful. In these circumstances, it must have been peculiarly consoling to him to hear these words of encouragement from the Lord Jesus, and this assurance that the object of his desires should be granted, and that he would be permitted to bear the same witness of him in Rome. Nothing else can comfort and sustain the soul in trials, and persecutions, but evidence of the approbation of God, and the promises of his gracious aid.

Bear witness also at Rome. This had been the object of his earnest wish, Ro 1:10; 15:23,24, and this promise of the Lord Jesus was fulfilled, Ac 28:30,31. The promise which was here made to Paul was not directly one of deliverance from the present persecution, but it implied that, and made it certain.

{d} "stood by him" Ps 46:1,7; Ac 18:9; 27:23,24

{++} "good cheer" "courage" {&} "witness" "testify" {e} "Rome" Ac 28:30,31; Ro 1:15

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