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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 22 - Verse 20

Verse 20. The blood of thy martyr Stephen was shed. Ac 7:58; Ac 8:1.

I also was standing by. Ac 7:58.

And consenting unto his death. Ac 8:1.

And kept the raiment. The outer robes or garments which were usually laid aside, when they engaged in running or labour. Ac 7:58. All this showed, that though Paul was not engaged in stoning Stephen, yet he was with them in spirit, and fully accorded with what they did. These circumstances are mentioned here by him, as reasons why he knew that he would not be received by Christians as one of their number, and why it was necessary, therefore, for him to turn to the Gentile world.

{+} "martyr" "witness" {k} "I also" Ac 7:58 {l} "consenting" Ac 8:1 {++} "raiment" "mantles" {&} "slew" "killed"

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