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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 22 - Verse 3

Verse 3. Born in Tarsus. See Barnes "Ac 21:39".


Brought up in this city. In Jerusalem, sent there for the advantage of more perfect instruction in the law.

At the feet of Gamaliel. As a scholar, or disciple of Gamaliel. The phrase, to sit at the feet of one, is expressive of the condition of a disciple or learner. Comp. De 33:3; Lu 10:39. It is probable that the expression arose from the fact that the learners occupied a lower place or seat than the teacher. The phrase is expressive of humility and a lower condition. On the character and rank of Gamaliel, See Barnes "Ac 5:34".

Paul mentions his having been instructed in this manner, in order to show that he was entitled to the full privilege of the Jew, and that he had had every opportunity to become fully acquainted with the nature of the law.

According to the perfect manner. kata akribeian. By strict diligence, or exact care; or in the utmost rigour and severity of that instruction. No pains were spared to make him understand and practise the law of Moses.

The law of the fathers. The law of our fathers; i.e., the law which they received and handed down to us. Paul was a Pharisee; and the law in which he had been taught was not only the written law of Moses, but the traditional law which had been handed down from former times. See Barnes "Mt 3:6".


And was zealous towards God. Ga 1:14. He had a constant burning zeal for God and his law, which was expressed not only by scrupulous adherence to its forms, but by persecuting all who opposed it, Ac 22:4,5.

{d} "I am" Ac 21:39; 2 Co 11:22; Php 3:5

{+} "verily" "Indeed" {e} "Gamaliel" Ac 5:34 {f} "according" Ac 26:5 {++} "perfect manner" "exactness" {g} "zealous" Ga 1:14 {h} "ye all" Ac 21:20

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