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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 21 - Verse 33

Verse 33. To be bound with two chains. To show to the enraged multitude that he did not intend to rescue any one from justice, but to keep the peace. Paul's being thus bound would convince them of his determination that justice should be done in the case. Probably he was bound between two soldiers—his right arm to the left arm of the one, and his left arm to the right arm of the other. See Barnes "Ac 12:6".

Or, if his hands and feet were bound, it is evident that it was so done that he was able still to walk, Ac 21:37,38. This was in accordance with the prediction of Agabus, Ac 21:11.

{*} "chief captain" "Commander" {b} "bound with two chains" Ac 21:11; 20:23; Eph 6:20

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