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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 20 - Verse 4

Verse 4. And there accompanied him. It was usual for some of the disciples to attend the apostles in their journeys.

Into Asia. It is not meant that they attended him from Greece through Macedonia; but that they went with him to Asia, having gone before him, and joined him at Troas.

Sopater of Berea. Perhaps the same person who, in Ro 16:21, is called Sosipater, and who is there said to have been a kinsman of Paul.

Aristarthus, Ac 19:29.

Gaius of Derbe. See Barnes "Ac 19:29".


Tychicus. This man was high in the confidence and affection of Paul. In Eph 6:21,22, he styles him "a beloved brother, and faithful minister in the Lord."

And Trophimus. Trophimus was from Ephesus, Ac 20:29. When Paul wrote his Second Epistle to Timothy, he was at Mileturn, sick, 2 Ti 4:20.

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