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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 18 - Verse 6

Verse 6. And when they opposed themselves. To him and his message.

And blasphemed. See Barnes "Ac 13:4".


He shook his raiment. As an expressive act of shaking off the guilt of their condemnation. Comp. Ac 13:45. He shook his raiment to show that he was resolved henceforward to have nothing to do with them; perhaps, also, to express the fact that God would soon shake them off, or reject them. (Doddridge.)

Your blood, etc. The guilt of your destruction is your own. You only are the cause of the destruction that is coming upon you. See Barnes "Mt 27:25".


I am clean. I am not to blame for your destruction. I have done my duty. The gospel had been fairly offered, and deliberately rejected; and Paul was not to blame for their ruin, which he saw was coming upon them.

I will go, etc. See Ac 13:46.

{c} "opposed themselves" 2 Ti 2:25 {d} "shook his raiment" Ne 5:13 {e} "Your blood be" Eze 28:4

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