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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 17 - Verse 3

Verse 3. Opening. dianoigwn. See Lu 24:32. The word means, to explain, or to unfold. It is usually applied to that which is shut, as to the eyes, etc. Then it means to explain that which is concealed or obscure. It means here, that he explained the Scriptures in their true sense.

And alleging. paratiyemenov. Laying down the proposition; that is, maintaining that it must be so.

That Christ must needs have suffered. That there was a fitness and necessity in his dying, as Jesus of Nazareth had done. The sense of this will be better seen by retaining the word Messiah. "That there was a fitness or necessity that the Messiah expected by the Jews, and predicted in their Scriptures, should suffer." This point the Jews were unwilling to admit; but it was essential to his argument in proving that Jesus was the Messiah, to show that it was foretold that he should die for the sins of men. On the necessity of this, See Barnes "Lu 4:26".


Have suffered. That he should die.

And that this Jesus. And that this Jesus of Nazareth, who has thus suffered and risen, whom, said he, I preach to you, is the Messiah.

The arguments by which Paul probably proved that Jesus was the Messiah were,

(1.) that he corresponded with the prophecies respecting him, in the following particulars:

(a.) He was born at Bethlehem,

Mic 5:2



(b.) He was of the tribe of Judah, Ge 49:10


(c.) He was descended from Jesse, and of the royal line of David,

Isa 11:1,10


(d.) He came at the time predicted Da 9:24-27


(e.) His appearance, character, work, etc., corresponded with the

predictions of Isa 53.

(2.) His miracles proved that he was the Messiah, for he professed to be, and God would not work a miracle to confirm the claims of an impostor.

(3.) For the same reason, his resurrection from the dead proved that he was the Messiah.

{&} "Opening and alleging" "Explaining them" {e} "needs have suffered" Lu 24:26,46; Ac 18:28; Ga 3:1

{1} "whom I preach" "whom, said he, I preach"

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