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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 16 - Verse 34

Verse 34. He set meat before them. Food. Gr., He placed a table. The word meat formerly meant food of all kinds.

And rejoiced. This was the effect of believing. Religion produces joy. See Barnes "Ac 8:8".

He was free from danger and alarm; he had evidence that his sins were forgiven, and that he was the friend of God. The agitating and alarming scenes of the night had passed away, the prisoners were safe; and religion, with its peace, and pardon, and rejoicings, had visited his family. What a change to be produced in one night! What a difference between the family when Paul was thrust into prison, and when he was brought out and received as an honoured guest at the very table of the renovated jailer! Such a change would Christianity produce in every family, and such joy would it diffuse through every household.

With all his house. With all his family. Whether they believed before they were baptized, or after, is not declared. But the whole narrative would lead us to suppose, that as soon as the jailer believed, he and all his family were baptized. It is subsequently added, that they believed also. The joy arose from the fact that they all believed the gospel; the baptism appears to have been performed on account of the faith of the head of the family.

{b} "meat before them" Lu 5:29 {c} "rejoiced, believing" Ro 5:11

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