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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 16 - Verse 29

Verse 29. Then he called for a light. Greek, Lights, in the plural. Probably several torches were brought by his attendants.

And came trembling. Alarmed at the earthquake, and amazed that the prisoners were still there, and probably not a little confounded at the calmness of Paul and Silas, and overwhelmed at the proof of the presence of God. Comp. Jer 5:22, "Fear ye not me, saith the Lord? will ye not tremble at my presence?" etc.

And fell down, etc. This was an act of profound reverence. See Barnes "Mt 2:11".

It is evident that he regarded them as the favourites of God, and was constrained to recognize them in their character as religious teachers.

{d} "and fell down before Paul" Jer 5:22

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