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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 15 - Verse 22

Verse 22. Then pleased it. It seemed fit and proper to them.

The apostles and elders. To whom the business had been particularly referred, Ac 15:2. Comp. Ac 16:4.

With the whole Church. All the Christians who were there assembled together. They concurred in the sentiment, and expressed their approbation in the letter that was sent, Ac 15:23. Whether they were consulted, does not particularly appear. But as it is not probable that they would volunteer an opinion unless they were consulted, it seems most reasonable to suppose that the apostles and elders submitted the case to them for their approbation. It would seem that the apostles and elders deliberated on it, and decided it; but still, for the sake of peace and unity, they also took measures to ascertain that their decision agreed with the unanimous sentiment of the church.

Chosen men. Men chosen for this purpose.

Of their own company. From among themselves. Greater weight and authority would thus be attached to their message.

Judas, surnamed Barsabas. Possibly the same who was nominated to the vacant place in the apostleship, Ac 1:23. But Grotius supposes that it was his brother.

And Silas. He was afterwards the travelling companion of Paul, Ac 15:40; 16:25,29; 17:4,10,15.

He is also the same person, probably, who is mentioned by the name of Silvanus, 2 Co 1:19; 1 Th 1:1 2 Th 1:1; 1 Pe 5:12.

Chief men among the brethren. Greek, Leaders. Comp. Lu 22:26. Men of influence, experience, and authority in the church. Judas and Silas are said to have been prophets, Ac 15:32. They had, therefore, been engaged as preachers and rulers in the church at Jerusalem.

{b} "Barsabas" Ac 1:23

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