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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 15 - Verse 12

Verse 12. Then all the multitude. Evidently the multitude of private Christians who were assembled on this occasion. That it does not refer to a synod of ministers and elders merely, is apparent,

(1.) because the church, the brethren, are represented as having been present, and concurring in the final opinion, Ac 15:22,23; and,

(2.) because the word multitude (to plhyov) would not have been used in describing the collection of apostles and elders merely. Comp. Lu 1:10,11,13; 5:6; 6:17; 19:37; Joh 5:3; 21:6; Ac 4:32; 6:2; Mt 3:7.


Gave audience. Heard; listened attentively to.

Barnabas and Paul. They were deeply interested in it; and they were qualified to give a fair statement of the facts as they had occurred.

Declaring what miracles and wonders, etc. The argument here evidently is, that God had approved their work by miracles; that he gave evidence that what they did had his approbation; and that as all this was done without imposing on them the rites of the Jews, so it would follow that those were not now to be commanded.

{*} "audience" "hearkened to" {d} "God had wrought" Ac 14:27

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