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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 19 - Verse 9

Verse 9. But when divers. When some were hardened.

Were hardened. When their hearts were hardened, and they became violently opposed to the gospel. When the truth made no impression on them. The word harden, as applied to the heart, is often used to denote insensibility and opposition to the gospel.

But spake evil of that way. Of the gospel—the way, path, or manner in which God saves men. See Ac 16:17; 18:26; Mt 7:13,14.


Separated the disciples. Removed them from the influence and society of those who were seeking to draw them away from the faith. This is often the best way to prevent the evil influence of others. Christians, if they wish to preserve their minds calm and peaceful; if they wish to avoid the agitations of conflict, and the temptations of those who would lead them astray, may often find it necessary to withdraw from their society, and should seek the fellowship of their Christian brethren.

Disputing daily. This is not a happy translation. The word used here—dialegomenov— does not of necessity denote disputation or contention, but is often used in a good sense of reasoning, Ac 17:2; Ac 18:4,19; 24:25; or of public preaching, Ac 20:7,9. It is used in this sense here, and denotes that Paul taught publicly, or reasoned on the subject of religion in this place.

In the school of one Tyrannus. Who this Tyrannus was, is not known. It is probable that he was a Jew, who was engaged in this employment, and who might not be unfavourable to Christians. In his school, or in the room which he occupied for teaching, Paul instructed the people when he was driven from the synagogue. Christians at that time had no churches, and they were obliged to assemble in any place where it might be convenient to conduct public worship.

{*} "divers" "Some" {a} "hardened" Ro 11:7; Heb 3:13 {b} "evil" 2 Ti 1:15 {c} "that way" Ac 19:25 {d} "departed from" 1 Ti 6:5 {+} "disputing daily" "discoursing"

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