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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 12 - Verse 17

Verse 17. But he beckoning, etc. To prevent the noise, and tumult, and transport which was likely to be produced. His wish was, not that there should be clamorous joy, but that they should listen in silence to what God had done. It was sufficient to awe the soul, and produce deep, grateful feeling. A noise might excite the neighbouring Jews, and produce danger. But religion is calm and peaceful; and its great scenes and surprising deliverances are rather fitted to awe the soul, to produce calm, sober, and grateful contemplation, than the noise of rejoicing, and the shoutings of exultation. The consciousness of the presence of God, and of his mighty power, does not produce rapturous disorder and tumult, but holy, solemn, calm, grateful emotion.

Go, shew these things, etc. Acquaint them that their prayer is heard, and that they may rejoice also at the mercy of God.

Unto James. James the son of Alpheus, commonly called the Less. Note, Ac 12:2; 1:13; Mt 10:2.


{c} "beckoning" Ac 13:16 {*) "peace" "Be silent" {1} "declared" "related" {2} "shew" "report"

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