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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 12 - Verse 12

Verse 12. And when he had considered, etc. Thinking on the subject; considering what he should do in these circumstances.

He came to the house of Mary, etc. Probably this house was near him; and he would naturally seek the dwelling of a Christian friend.

The mother of John, etc. Probably this was the John Mark who wrote the gospel. But this is not certain.

Whose surname. Greek, Who was called Mark. It does not mean that he had two names conferred, as with us, both of which were used at the same time. But he was called by either—the Greeks probably using the name Mark, and the Jews the name John. He is frequently mentioned afterwards, as having been the attendant of Paul and Barnabas in their travels, Ac 12:25; 15:39; 2 Ti 4:11

He was a nephew of Barnabas, Col 4:10.

Where many were gathered together praying. This was in the night; and it shows the propriety of observing extraordinary seasons of prayer, even in the night. Peter was to have been put to death the next day; and they assembled to pray for his release, and did not intermit their prayers. When dangers increase around us and our friends, we should become more fervent in prayer. While life remains we may pray; and even when there is no human hope, and we may have no power to heal or deliver, still God may interpose, as he did here, in answer to prayer.

{a} "Many were gathered" Ac 12:5

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