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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 10 - Verse 28

Verse 28. It is an unlawful thing. This was not explicitly enjoined by Moses, but it seemed to be implied in his institutions, and was at any rate the common understanding of the Jews. The design was to keep them a separate people. To do this, Moses forbade alliances by contract, or marriage, with the surrounding nations, which were idolatrous. See Le 18:24-30; De 7:3-12; comp. Ezr 9:11,12. This command the Jews perverted; and explained as referring to intercourse of an kinds, even to the exercise of friendly offices and commercial transactions. Comp. Joh 4:9.

Of another nation. Greek, Another tribe. It refers here to all who were not Jews.

God hath shewed me. Comp. Ac 15:8,9. He had showed him by the vision, Ac 10:11,12.

Any man common or unclean. See Barnes "Ac 10:14".

That no man was to be regarded as excluded from the opportunity of salvation; or be despised and abhorred. The gospel was to be preached to all; the barrier between Jews and Gentiles to be broken down; and all were to be regarded as capable of being saved.

{e} "unlawful thing" Joh 4:9 {f} "God hath shewed me" Joh 15:8,9; Eph 3:6

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