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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 10 - Verse 17

Verse 17. Doubted in himself. Doubted in his own mind. He was perplexed to understand it.

Behold, the men, etc. We see here an admirable arrangement of the events of Providence to fit each other. Every part of this transaction is made to harmonize with every other part; and it was so arranged, that, just in the moment when the mind of Peter was filled with perplexity, the very event should occur which should relieve him of his embarrassment. Such a coincidence is not uncommon. An event of Divine Providence may be as clear an expression of his will, and may as certainly serve to indicate our duty, as the most manifest revelation would do; and a state of mind may, by an arrangement of circumstances, be produced, that shall be extremely perplexing until some event shall occur, or some field of usefulness shall open, that shall exactly correspond to it, and shall indicate to us the will of God. We should observe then the events of God's Providence. We should mark and record the train of our own thoughts, and we should watch with interest any event that occurs, when we are perplexed and embarrassed, to obtain, if possible, an expression of the will of God.

Before the gate. The word here rendered "gate" —pulwna—refers, properly, to the porch or principal entrance to an eastern house. See Barnes "Mt 9:2"; See Barnes "Mt 26:71".

It does not mean, as with us, a gate, but rather a door. See Ac 12:13.

{d} "inquiry for Simon's" Ac 9:43

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