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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 7 - Verse 35

Verse 35. When they refused. That is, when he first presented himself to them, Ex 2:13,14. Stephen introduces and dwells upon this refusal in order, perhaps, to remind them that this had been the character of their nation; and to prepare the way for the charge which he intended to bring against those whom he addressed, as being stiff-necked and rebellious. See Ac 7:51,52, etc.

A ruler. A military leader, or a governor in civil matters.

A deliverer. A Redeemer—lutrwthn—. It properly means one who redeems a captive or a prisoner by paying a price or ransom. And it is applied thus to our Lord Jesus, as having redeemed or purchased sinners by his blood as a price, Tit 2:14; 1 Pe 1:18; Heb 9:12.

It is used here, however, in a more general sense to denote the deliverance, without specifying the manner. Comp. Ex 6:6; Lu 24:21; 1:68; 2:38.


By the hand of the angel. Under the direction and by the help of the angel, Nu 20:16. See Barnes "Ac 7:30".


{c} "the angel" Ex 14:19; Nu 20:16

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