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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 7 - Verse 33

Verse 33. Then said the Lord, etc. In Ex 3 this is introduced in a different order, as being spoken before God said, "I am the God," etc.

Put off thy shoes, etc. Ex 3:5. To put off the shoes, or sandals, was an act of reverence. Especially the ancients were not permitted to enter a temple or holy place with their shoes on. Indeed, it was customary for the Jews to remove their shoes whenever they entered any house, as a mere matter of civility. Comp. See Barnes "Joh 13:6".

See Jos 5:15.

Is holy ground. Is rendered sacred by the symbol of the Divine Presence. We should enter the sanctuary, the place set apart for Divine worship, not only with reverence m our hearts, but with every external indication of veneration. Solemn awe, and deep seriousness, become the place set apart to the service of God.

{b} "Put off thy shoes" Jos 5:15; Ec 5:1

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