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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 7 - Verse 22

Verse 22. Moses was learned. Or, was instructed. It does not mean that he had that learning, but that he was carefully trained or educated in that wisdom. The passage does not express the fact that Moses was distinguished for learning, but that he was carefully educated, or that pains were taken to make him learned.

In all the wisdom, etc. The learning of the Egyptians was confined chiefly to astrology, to the interpretation of dreams, to medicine, to mathematics, and to their sacred science or traditionary doctrines about religion, which were concealed chiefly under their hieroglyphics. Their learning is not unfrequently spoken of in the Scriptures, 1 Ki 4:30; Comp. Isa 19:11,12. And their knowledge is equally celebrated in the heathen world. It is known that science was carried from Egypt to Phenicia, and thence to Greece; and not a few of the Grecian philosophers travelled to Egypt in pursuit of knowledge.

And was mighty. Was powerful, or was distinguished. This means that he was eminent in Egypt, before he conducted the children of Israel forth. It refers to his addresses to Pharaoh, and to the miracles which he wrought before their departure.

In words. From Ex 4:10, it seems that Moses was "slow of speech, and of a slow tongue." When it is said that he was mighty in words, it means that he was mighty in his communications to Pharaoh, though they were spoken by his brother Aaron. Aaron was in his place, and Moses addressed Pharaoh through him, who was appointed to deliver the message, Ex 4:11-16.

Deeds. Miracles, Ex 7, etc.

{*} "Learned" "Instructed" {f} "mighty in words" Lu 24:19

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