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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 7 - Verse 20

Verse 20. In which time, etc. During this period of oppression. See Ex 2:2, etc.

Was exceeding fair. Greek, "was fair to God;" properly rendered, was very handsome. The word God is used in the Greek here in accordance with the Hebrew usage, by which anything that is very handsome, or lofty, or grand, is thus designated. Thus, Ps 36:7, mountains of God mean lofty mountains; Ps 80:10, [ver. 11, Heb.,] cedars of God mean lofty, beautiful cedars. Thus Nineveh is called "a great city to God," (Jon 3:3, Greek,) meaning a very great city. The expression here means simply, that Moses was very fair, or handsome. Comp. Heb 11:23, where he is called a "proper child," i.e., a handsome child. It would seem from this, that Moses was preserved by his mother on account of his beauty; and this is hinted at in Ex 2:2. And it would also seem from this, that Pharaoh had succeeded by his oppressions in what he had attempted; and that it was not unusual for parents among the Jews to expose their children, or to put them to death.

{d} "Moses was born" Ex 2:2 {1} "exceeding fair" or, "fair to God" {+} "exceeding fair" "Very Beautiful"

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