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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 7 - Verse 44

Verse 44. The tabernacle of witness. The tent or tabernacle which Moses was commanded to make. It was called a tabernacle of witness, or of testimony, because it was the visible witness or proof of God's presence with them; the evidence that he to whom it was devoted was their protector and guide. The name is given either to the tent, or to the two tables of stone, or to the ark; all of which were witnesses or evidence, of God's relation to them as their Lawgiver and Guide, Ex 16:34; 25:16,21; 27:21; 30:6,36; 31:18

Nu 1:50,53. The two charges against Stephen were that he had spoken blasphemy against Moses, or his law, and against the temple, Ac 6:13,14. In the previous part of this defence he had shown his respect for Moses and his law. He now proceeds to show that he did not design to speak with disrespect of the temple, or the holy places of their worship. He therefore expresses his belief in the Divine appointment of both the tabernacle Ac 7:44-46 and of the temple, Ac 7:47.

According to the fashion, etc. According to the pattern that was shown to him, by which it was to be made, Ex 25:9,40; Ex 26:30. As God showed him a pattern, it proved that the tabernacle had his sanction. Against that Stephen did not intend to speak.

{+} "witness" "Testimony" {1} "speaking" "who spake" {a} "that he should make" Ex 25:40; 26:30; Heb 8:5

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