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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 7 - Verse 14

Verse 14. All his kindred. His father and family, Ge 45:17-28 Ge 46:1-26.

Threescore and fifteen souls. Seventy-five persons. There has been much perplexity felt in the explanation of this pas sage. In Ge 46:26; Ex 1:5; De 10:22, it is expressly said that the number which went down to Egypt consisted of but seventy persons. The question is, in what way these accounts can be reconciled? It is evident that Stephen has followed the account which is given by the Septuagint. In Ge 46:27, that version reads, "But the sons of Joseph who were with him in Egypt, were nine souls; all the souls of-the house of Jacob which came with Jacob into Egypt, were seventy-five souls." This number is made out by adding these nine souls to the sixty-six mentioned in Ge 46:26. The difference between the Septuagint and Moses is, that the former mentions five descendants of Joseph who are not recorded by the latter. The names of the sons of Ephraim and Manasseh are recorded in 1 Ch 7:14-21. Their names were Ashriel, Machir, Zelophehad, Peresh, sons of Manasseh; and Shuthelah, son of Ephraim. Why the Septuagint inserted these, it may not be easy to see. But such was evidently the fact; and the fact accords accurately with the historic record, though Moses did not insert their names. The solution of difficulties in regard to chronology is always difficult; and what might be entirely apparent to a Jew, in the time of Stephen, may be wholly inexplicable to us.

{m} "all his kindred" Ge 46:27; De 10:22

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