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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 7 - Verse 58

Verse 58. And cast him out of the city. This was in accordance with the usual custom. In Le 24:14, it was directed to bring forth him that had cursed without the camp; and it was not usual, the Jewish writers inform us, to stone in the presence, of the sanhedrim. Though this was a popular tumult, and Stephen was condemned without the regular process of trial, yet some of the forms of law were observed, and he was stoned in the manner directed in the case of blasphemers.

And stoned him. This was the punishment appointed in the case of blasphemy, Le 24:16. See Barnes "Joh 10:31".


And the witnesses. That is, the false witnesses who bore testimony against him, Ac 6:13. It was directed in the law De 17:7 that the witnesses in the case should be first in executing the sentence of the law. This was done to prevent false accusations by the prospect that they must be employed as executioners. After they had commenced the process of execution, all the people joined in it, De 17:7; Le 24:16.

Laid down their clothes. Their outer garments. They were accustomed to lay these aside when they ran or worked. See Barnes "Mt 5:40.


At a young man's feet, etc. That is, they procured him to take care of their garments. This is mentioned solely because Saul, or Paul, afterwards became so celebrated, first as a persecutor, and then an apostle. His whole heart was in this persecution of Stephen; and he himself afterwards alluded to this circumstance as an evidence of his sinfulness in persecuting the Lord Jesus, Ac 22:20.

{k} "cast him out" Lu 4:29; Heb 13:12,13

{l} "witnesses" Ac 6:13 {m} "whose name was Saul" Ac 8:1,3; 22:20

{+} "clothes" "mantles"

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