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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 7 - Verse 52

Verse 52. Which of the prophets, etc. The interrogative form here is a strong mode of saying that they had persecuted all the prophets. It was the characteristic of the nation to persecute the messengers of God. This is not to be taken as literally and universally true; but it was a general truth; it was the national characteristic. See Notes, Mt 21:33-40; 23:29-35.

And they have slain them, etc. That is, they have slain the prophets, whose main message was that the Messiah was to come. It was a great aggravation of their offence, that they put to death the messengers which foretold the greatest blessing that the nation could receive.

The Just One. The Messiah. See Barnes "Ac 3:14.

Of whom ye, etc. You thus show that you resemble those who rejected and put to death the prophets. You have even gone beyond them in guilt, because you have put the Messiah himself to death.

The betrayers. They are called betrayers here, because they employed Judas to betray him—agreeable to the maxim in law, He who does anything by another, is held to have done it himself.

{c} "Which of the prophets" 2 Ch 36:16; 1 Th 2:15 {d} "Just One" Ac 3:14

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