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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 5 - Verse 24

Verse 24. The captain of the temple. See Barnes "Ac 4:1".


Doubted of them. They were in perplexity about these things. The word rendered doubted denotes that state of anxiety which arises when a man has lost his way, or when he does not know what to do to escape from a difficulty. See Lu 9:7.

Whereunto this would grow. What this would be; or what would be the result or end of these events. For,

(1.) their authority was disregarded;

(2.) God had opposed them by a miracle;

(3.) the doctrines of the apostles were gaining ground;

(4.) Their efforts to oppose themhad been in vain. They need not have doubted; but sinners are not disposed to be convinced of the truth of religion.

{h} "and captain of the temple" Ac 4:1 {*} "this would grow" "what this would become"

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