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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 5 - Verse 20

Verse 20. In the temple. In a public and conspicuous place. In this way there would be a most striking exhibition of their boldness; a proof that God had delivered them; and a manifestation of their purpose to obey God rather than man.

All the words. All the doctrines. Comp. Joh 6:68, "Thou hast the words of eternal life."

Of this life. Pertaining to life, to the eternal life which they taught through the resurrection and life of Jesus. The word life is used sometimes to express the whole of religion, as opposed to the spiritual death of sin. See Joh 1:4; 3:36. Their deliverance from prison was not that they might be idle, and escape to a place of safety. Again they were to engage at once in the toils and perils which they had just before encountered. God delivers us from danger sometimes, that we may plunge into new dangers; he preserves us from calamity, that we may be tried in some new furnace of affliction; and he calls us to encounter trials simply because he demands it, and as an expression of gratitude to him for his gracious interposition.

{e} "all the words" Ex 24:3 {f} "of this life" Joh 6:63,68; 17:8

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