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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 5 - Verse 13

Verse 13. And of the rest. Different interpretations have been given of this expression. Lightfoot supposes that by the rest are meant the remainder of the one hundred and twenty disciples of whom Ananias had been one; and that they feared to put themselves on an equality with the apostles. But this interpretation seems to be far- fetched. Kuinoel supposes that by the rest are meant those who had not already joined with the apostles, whether Christians or Jews, and that they were deterred by the fate of Ananias. Priceeus, Morns, Rosenmiiller, Schleusner, etc., suppose that by the rest are meant the rich men, or the men of authority and influence among the Jews, of whom Ananias was one, and that they were deterred from it by the fate of Ananias. This is by far the most probable opinion, because

(1.) there is an evident contrast between them and the people: the rest, i.e. the others of the rich and great, feared to join with them; but the people, the common people, magnified them.

(2.) The fate of Ananias was fitted to have this effect on the rich and great.

(3.) Similar instances had occurred before, that the great, though they believed on Jesus, yet were afraid to come forth publicly and profess him before men. See Joh 12:42,43; 5:44.


(4.) The phrase the rest denotes sometimes that which is more excellent, or which is superior in value or importance to something else. See Lu 12:26.

Join himself. Become united to, or associated with. The rich and the great then, as now, stood aloof from them, and were deterred by fear or shame from professing attachment to the Lord Jesus.

But the people. The mass of the people; the body of the nation.

Magnified them. Honoured them; regarded them with reverence and fear.

{c} "and of the rest" Joh 12:42 {d} "but the people" Ac 4:21

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