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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 5 - Verse 2

Verse 2. And kept back. The word here used means, properly, to separate, to part; and then it means to separate surreptitiously or clandestinely for our own use a part of public property, as taxes, etc. It is used ut three times in the New Testament, Ac 5:3; Tit 2:10, where it is rendered purloining. Here it means that they secretly kept back a part, while professedly devoting all to God.

His wife also being privy to it. His wife knowing it, and evidently concurring in it.

And laid it at the apostles' feet. This was evidently an act professedly of devoting all to God. Comp. Ac 4:37; 5:8,9.

That this was his profession, or pretence, is further implied in the fact that Peter charges him with having lied unto God, Ac 5:3,4.

{a} "brought a certain part" Ac 4:34,37

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