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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 9 - Verse 36

Verse 36. At Joppa. This was a seaport town, situated on the Mediterranean, in the tribe of Dan, about thirty miles south of Caesarea, and forty-five north-west of Jerusalem. It was the principal seaport of Palestine; and hence, though the harbour was poor, it had considerable celebrity. It was occupied by Solomon to receive the timber brought for the building of the temple from Tyre, 2 Ch 2:16 and was used for a similar purpose in the time of Ezra, Ezr 3:7. The present name of the town is Jaffa. It is situated on a promontory, jutting out into the sea, rising to the height of about one hundred and fifty feet above its level, and offering on all sides picturesque and varied prospects. The streets are narrow, uneven, and dirty. The inhabitants are estimated at between four and five thousand, of whom the greater part are Turks and Arabs. The Christians are stated to be about six hundred, consisting of Roman Catholics, Greeks, Maronites, and Arminians. It is several times mentioned in the New Testament, Ac 10:5,23; 11:5.


Tabitha. This word is properly Syriac, and means, literally, the gazelle or antelope. The name became an appellation of a female probably on account of the beauty of its form. "It is not unusual in the East to give the names of beautiful animals to young women." (Clark.) Comp. So 2:9; 4:5.

Dorcas. A Greek word signifying the same as Tabitha. Our word doe or roe answers to it in signification.

Full of good works. Distinguished far good works. Comp. 1 Ti 2:10; Tit 2:7.

And almsdeeds. Acts of kindness to the poor.

{1} "Dorcas" "Doe" or "Roe" {l} "full of good" 1 Ti 2:10; Tit 2:7 {%} "almsdeeds" "Alms"

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