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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 4 - Verse 32

Verse 32. And the multitude. The number of believers at this tune had become large. In Ac 4:4, it is said that it was five thousand; and the number was constantly increasing.

One heart. This expression denotes tender union. They felt alike, or were attached to the same things, and this preserved them from jars and dissensions.

One soul. This phrase also denotes close and tender union. No expression could denote it more strikingly than to say of friends they have one soul. Plutarch cites an ancient verse in his life of Cato of Utica, with this very expression, "Two friends, one soul." (Grotius.) Thus Diogenes Laertius also (5 i. 11) says respecting Aristotle, that "being asked what was a friend, answered, that it was one soul dwelling in two bodies." (Kuinoel.) The Hebrews spake of two friends as being "one man." There can be no more striking demonstration of union and love than to say of more than five thousand suddenly drawn together, that they had one soul! And this union they evinced in every way possible; in their conduct, in their prayers, and in their property. How different would have been the aspect of the church, if the union had continued to the present time!

Neither said, etc. That is, they did not regard it as their own, but to be used for the benefit of the whole society. See Barnes "Ac 2:44".


{e} "one heart" Ro 15:5,6; 2 Co 13:11; Php 2:2; 1 Pe 3:8

{f} "but they" Ac 1:8

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