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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 4 - Verse 7

Verse 7. In the midst. In the presence of the great council.

By what power, etc. A similar question was put to Christ in the temple, Mt 21:23.

By what name. That is, by whose authority. It is very probable that they expected to intimidate the apostles by this question. They claimed the right of regulating the religious affairs of the nation. They had vast power with the people. They assumed that all power to instruct the people should originate with them; and they expected that the apostles would be confounded, as having violated the established usage of the nation. It did not seem to occur to them to enter into an investigation of the question, whether this acknowledged miracle did not prove that they were sent by God; but they assumed that they were impostors, and attempted to silence them by authority. It has been usual with the enemies of religion to attempt to intimidate its friends, and, when argument falls, to attempt to silence Christians by appealing to their fears.

{c} "By what power" Mt 21:23

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