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THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES - Chapter 2 - Verse 18

Verse 18. And on my servants. The Hebrew in Joel is, "upon the servants." The Septuagint and the Latin Vulgate, however, render it "on my servants." In Joel, the prophet would seem to be enumerating the different conditions and ranks of society. The influences of the Spirit would be confined to no class; they would descend on old and young, and even on servants and handmaids. So the Chaldee Paraphrase understood it. But the Septuagint and Peter evidently understood it in the sense of servants of God; as the worshippers of God are often called servants in the Scriptures. See Ro 1:1. It is possible, however, that the Hebrew intended to refer to the servants of God. It is not "upon your servants," etc., as in the former expression, "your sons," etc.; but the form is changed, "upon servants and handmaids." The language, therefore, will admit the construction of the Septuagint and of Peter; and it was this variation in the Hebrew which suggested, doubtless, the mention of "my servants," etc., instead of your servants.

And on my handmaidens. Female servants. The name is several times given to pious women, Ps 86:16; 116:16; Lu 1:38,48.

The meaning of this verse does not materially differ from the former. In the times of the gospel, those who were brought under its influence should be remarkably endowed with ability to declare the will of God.

{b} "and they shall prophesy" Ac 16:4,9,10; 1 Co 12:10

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