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THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO JOHN - Chapter 18 - Verse 21

Verse 21. Why askest thou me? Ask them, &c. Jesus here insisted on his rights, and reproves the high-priest for his unjust and illegal manner of extorting a confession from him. If he had done wrong, or taught erroneous and seditious doctrines, it was easy to prove it, and the course which he had a right to demand was that they should establish the charge by fair and incontrovertible evidence. We may here learn,

1st. That, though Jesus was willing to be reviled and persecuted, yet he also insisted that justice should be done him.

2nd. He was conscious of innocence, and he had been so open in his conduct that he could appeal to the vast multitudes which had heard him as witnesses in his favour.

3rd. It is proper for us, when persecuted and reviled, meekly but firmly to insist on our rights, and to demand that justice shall be done us. Laws are made to protect the innocent as well as to condemn the guilty.

4th. Christians, like their Saviour, should so live that they may confidently appeal to all who have known them as witnesses of the sincerity, purity, and rectitude of their lives, 1 Pe 4:13-16.

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