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Verse 1. The brook Cedron. This was a small stream that flowed to the east of Jerusalem, through the valley of Jehoshaphat, and divided the city from the Mount of Olives. It was also called Kidron and Kedron. In summer it is almost dry. The word used here by the evangelist—ceimarrou denotes properly a water-stream (from ceima shower or water, and rew, rodv, to flow, flowing), and the idea is that of a stream that was swollen by rain or by the melting of the snow (Passow, Lex.). This small rivulet runs along on the east of Jerusalem till it is joined by the water of the pool of Siloam, and the water that flows down on the west side of the city through the valley of Jehoshaphat, and then goes off in a south-east direction to the Dead Sea. (See the Map of the Environs of Jerusalem in vol. i.) Over this brook David passed when he fled from Absalom, 2 Sa 15:23. It is often mentioned in the Old Testament, 1 Ki 15:13; 2 Ch 15:16; 2 Ch 30:14; 2 Ki 23:6,12.


Where was a garden. On the west side of the Mount of Olives. This was called Gethsemane. See Barnes "Mt 26:36".

It is probable that this was the property of some wealthy man in Jerusalem—perhaps some friend of the Saviour. It was customary for the rich in great cities to have country-seats in the vicinity. This, it seems, was so accessible that Jesus was accustomed to visit it, and yet so retired as to be a suitable place for devotion.

{a} "Cedron" 2 Sa 15:23

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