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THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO JOHN - Chapter 17 - Verse 15

Verse 15. That thou shouldest take them out of the world. Though they were going into trials and persecutions, yet Jesus did not pray that they might be removed soon from them. It was better that they should endure them, and thus spread abroad the knowledge of his name. It would be easy for God to remove his people at once to heaven, but it is better for them to remain, and show the power of religion in supporting the soul in the midst of trial, and to spread his gospel among men.

Shouldest keep them, from the evil. This may mean either from the evil one—that is, the devil, or from evil in general—that is, from apostasy, from sinking in temptation. Preserve them from that evil, or give them such grace that they may endure all trials and be sustained amid them. See Barnes "Mt 16:13".

It matters little how long we are in this world if we are kept in this manner.

{v} "that thou shouldest" Ga 1:4

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