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Verse 2. As thou hast given him power. It was on the ground of this power given to Christ that the apostles were commanded to go and teach all nations. See Barnes "Mt 28:18,19".


All flesh. All men, Mt 24:22; Lu 3:6.

That he should give eternal life. See Barnes "Joh 5:24".


To as many as thou hast given him. See Barnes "Joh 10:16; 6:37".

To all on whom the Father has purposed to bestow the blessings of redemption through his Son. God has a plan in all he does, extending to men as well as to other objects. One part of his plan was that the atonement of Christ should not be in vain. Hence he promised him that he should see of the travail of his soul and should be satisfied (Isa 53:11); and hence the Saviour had the assurance that the Father had given him a portion of the human family, and would apply this great work to them. It is to be observed here that the Saviour in this prayer makes an important distinction between "all flesh" and those who were "given him." He has power over all. He can control, direct, restrain them. Wicked men are so far under his universal dominion, and so far restrained by his power, that they will not be able to prevent his bestowing redemption on those were given him—that is, all who will believe on him. Long ago, if they had been able, they would have banished religion from the world; but they are under the power of Christ, and it is his purpose that there shall be "a seed to serve him," and that "the gates of hell shall not prevail" against his church. Men who oppose the gospel should therefore feel that they cannot prevent the salvation of Christians, and should be alarmed lest they be found "fighting against God."

{b} "that he should give" Joh 5:27; 16:24

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